Removes the third side of a log, cant or slab

Placed in the line behind the TVS, the SVS (Single Vertical Saw) prepares the cant to move on to the resaw.


The SVS Single Vertical Saw simplifies the removal of the third side of a log during processing. Placed in the line behind the TVS, the SVS prepares the cant to move on to the resaw.

The SVS has a maximum cut width of 300mm. The maximum material size is 400mm wide by 250mm high. The SVS is fitted with infeed and outfeed roller tables. A steel spiked chain belt moves material through the blade up to 25 metres per minute.

With the standard laser, the operator can align the cant precisely for maximum recovery before pushing it onto the moving chain feed. Roller hold-downs make sure the log remains straight during cutting. The SVS can also be used to take one side off a slab, which can then be passed to a horizontal resaw.

The SVS shares the same head and many individual components as the TVS (Twin Vertical Saw), simplifying blade and spare parts ordering.


Laser sight

Align cants for maximum recovery with the standard laser.

11kW Electric engine

Optional 7.5 kW electric engine.

Variable Feed Belt Speed

The spiked steel feed belt carries the cant through the saw at up to 25 m/min.

Two Roller Hold-downs

Wide hold-down rollers keep the cant stable during cutting.

Designed for Standardisation

Uses the same blade size and many of the same parts as the other machines in the SLP line, facilitating spares ordering.

Optional Tables

Infeed and outfeed roller tables available.



Power Selections 7.5 kW E10 Electric
11 kW E15 Electric
Blade Length 4670 mm
Blade Wheel Diameter 600 mm
Blade Wheel Type Belted Cast Steel
Blade Width 32-38 mm
Min. Material Lenght 900 mm
Max. Material Lenght 3600 mm
Max. Material Width 400 mm
Max. Material Thickness 250 mm
Min. Width of Cut 10 mm
Max. Width of Cut 300 mm
Feed Motor 1.1 kW (1.5HP)
Material Hold-down Hold-down rollers
Alignment Laser 1 Laser
Electrical Requirements 400V 50Hz 3Ph
Safety Standards CE
Sawdust Collection Port Diameter 150 mm