The BMT100 is a manually operated economical tooth setter that sets one tooth at a time. This unit contains a dial indicator that accurately measures the tooth set while the blade is manually advanced by hand, setting one side at a time. Once this entire side is set the blade must be inverted for completion of teeth on the other side.

This manual tooth setter will ensure that your set is symmetrical and consistent tooth-to-tooth and side-to side. The BMT100 is a reliable option for low volume operations that demand consistent set patterns. This setter comes with a “Bend Back Tool” that allows for correcting over set teeth.

For the individual who has low volume but who needs to ensure consistent set, the BMT100 is a great way to get started.


The BMT150 is a manually operated tooth setter that sets two teeth at a time. A ratchet lever is used to advance and set both sides of the blade in one cycle, eliminating the need to invert the blade. This setter comes with a “Set Master Gauge” which allows for consistent and accurate setting. The BMT150 features adjustable tooth spacing from 6mm to 32mm (1/2″ to 1-1/4″) and can be used for 25mm-76mm blades (1″ to 3″) blades.


Set both sides of your blade at the same time easily with the manual BMT200 toothsetter, which will help you extend your blade’s sharp life and get the most accurate cut of timber. The BMT200 is designed for affordable blade tooth setting. One turn of the crank sets two teeth and moves the blade forward at the same time.

The BMT200 handles 25mm-75mm blades, can set from 13mm to 32mm tooth spacing, and can finely adjust tooth space indexing. The gauge precisely measures the set in each tooth to ensure your tooth set is accurate and ready to cut like a new blade again.


The BMT250 dual toothsetter semi-automatically sets of both sides of your blades with high quality and efficiency. The BMT250 is equipped with electric power feed that keeps the blade moving smoothly forward until all teeth are set.

The BMT250 can be adjusted to set blades 25mm-75mm wide, and from 13mm to 32mm tooth spacing. The BMT250 is controlled with a central control panel that features an automatic tooth counter, which stops when all teeth have been set.

The gauge precisely measures the set in each tooth to ensure your tooth set is accurate and ready to cut like a new blade again.


The BMT300 industrial toothsetter is designed for professional blade sharpening businesses and large sawmill companies. Maximum blade width is 75mm, and the feed rate is up to 24 teeth per minute.

The BMT300 pneumatic setter ensures extreme tooth setting accuracy and consistency. An electronic control panel displays all parameters and diagnostic tools. Simply install the blade, and start the setter in the mode you wish to run. When one side of the blade is finished, invert the blade, re-install it in the setter, and move the blade pusher into the reverse position.

Several different modes and functions allow flexibility with how the setter will operate and the parameters that it will use. Inspection Mode simply checks the set on the teeth. Regular setting modes can detect set patterns, and bend back overset teeth automatically. After setting the blade, the setter will stop, or will double-check the blade to ensure that the set is exact. Tolerances for minimum and maximum set can be adjusted.

The BMT300 is designed as the toothsetting companion for the BMS500 blade sharpener for companies with multiple band sawmills in operation as well as for ReSharp service centres whose business is based on blade maintenance.

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