Dual-sided Manual Crank Tooth Setter

This simple-to-use crank handle sets two teeth per revolution with the same precision and accuracy as the BMT250.


Set both sides of your blade at the same time easily with the manual BMT200 toothsetter, which will help you extend your blade’s sharp life and get the most accurate cut of timber. The BMT200 is designed for affordable blade tooth setting. One turn of the crank sets two teeth and moves the blade forward at the same time.

The BMT200 handles 25mm-75mm blades, can set from 13mm to 32mm tooth spacing, and can finely adjust tooth space indexing. The gauge precisely measures the set in each tooth to ensure your tooth set is accurate and ready to cut like a new blade again.


  • Manual hand crank operation
  • Adjustable pushers for precise tooth set
  • Adjustable tooth space indexing for 13mm to 32mm (½” up to 11/4″) toothspacing
  • Blade height adjustment knobs for 25mm-75mm (1″ – 3″) wide blades
  • Dial Indicators for accurate measurement of tooth set
  • Easy to install blade & clamping mechanism


  • Tooth setter gauge for calibration included
  • Efficiently sets both sides


Adjustable Pushers

For precise tooth setting.

Blade Height Adjustment Knob

Adjust up/down single knob and insert pins for 1″- 3″ (25mm – 76mm) wide blades.

Blade Height Adjustment Pins

Adjust up/down single knob and insert pins for 1″- 3″ (25mm – 76mm) wide blades.

Clamping Mechanism

Dial Indicators

Measure tooth set.

Manual Hand Crank

Tooth Setter Gauge

Included for consistent and accurate setting.



Tooth Set Gauge 2 Tooth Set Gauges (On Machine)
Blade Support 3 Support Arms with Adjustable Blade Brackets
Adjustments Set point, Indexing, Blade Widths
Blade Advancement Manual Crank Handle
Blade Widths 25 – 75 mm (1 – 3″)
Safety Standards CE