Budget analogue of the BMS250 machine. From its prototype machine BMS200 took the main advantage – the ability to work well in harsh conditions. It, as well as BMS250, for rotation of sharpening disks is equipped with the engine of 0,18 kW and nominal speed of 2800 rpm and is constructed so that the head can be lifted upwards and it is easy to establish or change a dust.

In the design of the BMS200 machine the engine is fixed, and the saw position can be adjusted by the clamping mechanism thanks to what the established profile of a tooth and a cutting edge is well kept.


The BMS250 blade sharpener is ideal for the sawyer looking to invest in a high quality, automatic sharpener that can sharpen blades regularly and reliably for a timber cutting business.

The BMS250 automatically sharpens blades according to a set number of teeth. The hood enclosure and grinding wheel lift out of the way for easy blade installation and removal. It features an auto-shutoff, and a variable speed feed rate controlled from the control panel. The heavy-duty hood encloses the blade during sharpening and includes an exhaust vent. An oil wiper pads clean excess oil off the blade automatically.

The BMS250 uses 127mm full profile CBN grinding wheels, which come in various profiles, and are ready to sharpen out-of-the-box. The BMS250 is equipped with a 0.18 kW single phase AC motor with a speed of 2800 rpm. An oil lubrication system keeps the blade cool during grinding, and magnets attract the metal filings, cleaning the oil for reuse. The tooth pusher is adjustable for fine-tuning, as well as the blade height platform is easily adjusted to manage blades from 25mm to 50mm wide.


The BMS500 is designed to suit the requirements of high-production sawmills that sharpen blades continuously. It features industrial-grade construction, and automatic features that let you focus less on sharpening blades, and more on being efficient with your time.

The BMS500 sharpener will sharpen a blade from 25 mm wide to 75 mm wide and tooth spacing from 12.7 mm to 28.6 mm The BMS500 uses an industrial 203 mm diameter CBN wheel to sharpen blades, and the wheel rotates at 4250 RPM. The hood lifts up and the grinding wheel lifts out of the way for easy blade installation and removal. The hood features a viewing window and interior LED lighting so the operator can closely and safely monitor the sharpening progress.

The user-friendly control station includes a tooth counter display, variable grinding speed, and two modes: Set-Up and Run. The sharpener is quickly configured to stop after an exact number of teeth have been sharpened. A carbide scraper deburrs each tooth and the oil wiper pads clean excess oil off the blade automatically. Grinding oil is cleaned by a series of magnets that remove iron filings from the oil.

Designed by professional blade maintenance experts for quality and production, the BMS500 is the ultimate band blade sharpener on the market today.

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